Wednesday 7 September 2016

How to get motivated for a home workout


Hello lovelies,
Working out when you don't have access to the gym or any classes can be hard. But home workouts can be just as effects and fun.
I love watching workout videos online to help me get through a home workout when I don't have the means to get to the gym.
Which is why I have created two of my own!

Get some of your favourite music blasting and work through these videos below.
Enjoy the sweat

Legs & Butt Workout

Upper Body Workout

Would you like to see more workout videos on my Youtube channel?
Let me know.



  1. I think the mesh leggings are super comfortable, movement was not restricted, and best of all, it wasn't see through when I bent over. I use the for ranch work and horseback riding, I imagine they'll be great for lounging and winter running as well.

  2. I actually find it easier to get motivated for a home workout - it's driving myself to the gym that I struggle with! Having a complete home gym would be a dream come true for me.

    Sarah @ Mass Gain Source