Friday 26 May 2017


Today I got one of my favourite foodie chefs, Jin, to share a fresh summer recipe with us! If you want to see more of his delicious & easy recipes head to this instagram @jinlovesfood 

As summer is getting closer and closer, one of my favourite things to do is to go to the local famer’s market and take in all of the fresh veggies that are in season! This time of year, the vegetables are getting greener and greener. Some of my faves are local fresh asparagus (tender and sweet), fresh tomatoes on the vine (slightly sour but packed with flavour) and batches of watercress (full of vitamin and rich in iron).  I made this dish wanting to have a refreshing start to mark my post exam period – a healthy green vegetable salad. And here is how you make it.

For the salad
Avocado (1), Asparagus (150g), Salad Tomato (1), Egg (1), Watercress (200g), Sunflower Seeds (1 tbsp), Cumin (1 tsp) and some Csress (optional)
For the dressing
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 tbsp), Rice Wine Vinegar (1 tbsp), Egg Yolk (1), mustard powder (1 tsp) and a pitch of sugar (if needed)
and some seasonings (salt and pepper).


Preparing the salad:
1. Cut the Avocado and tomatoes into ideal shape. (here I used a sharp knife to thinly slice them and arrange them into flowers for presentation)
2. Use a peeler to get Asparagus Ribbons
3. Poach an egg, it is best to add some vinegar into the water to reach a better result;
4. Toast Sunflower Seeds and Cumin separately

For the dressing
1. Whisk up the egg yolk until pale and then add the vinegar into the yolk mixture
2. Add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil gradually into the mixture to avoid splitting
3. Add mustard powder and a pitch of sugar (if needed), mix well
4. Lastly, season the dressing for your liking some seasonings (salt and pepper).

For the presentation
1. Make a base of your “Garden” by using the water cress and asparagus
2. Then top it with avocado and tomato flowers and poached egg
3.  For an extra earthy crunchy goodness, sprinkle your toasted cumin seeds and sunflower seeds.

4. For the finale, splash your salad dressing on top of it generously and liberally.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing dish, perfect for this hot bank holiday weekend! x Jin