Friday 29 January 2016

My Perfect Breakfast - Breakfast Week 2016

Hello lovelies,
In celebration of breakfast week 2016 (yes that's a thing) I thought I would share with you my perfect breakfast, and yes of course avocado is involved.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you all the energy you will need to start your day off the best way possible.
I like to make sure i have a source of protein, fat and carbs in my perfect breakfast.

All you will need to recreate this perfection is
1 egg
half an avocado
a slice of rye bread
some smoked salmon
and cling film (bare with, you will understand soon)

Making your perfect poached egg:
I have never been able to make poached egg so I usually just stick to the easier options like scrambled, fried and boiled. But recently my housemate showed my this life hack!
Pop your cling film over a mug and crack your egg into it & twist the ends of the cling film together making a little package.
Then place it in lightly boiling water for roughly 4/5 minutes.

While your egg is poaching away. Mash your avocado with a back of a fork add some salt and chilli if you like. Sometimes I like adding some fresh lime juice too. Add the avocado goodness to your rye bread and pop as much smoked salmon as you would like on top.
Once your rye bread looks delicious already your egg while be done. Carefully remove the cling film (remember its hot!) and then pop it on top of the rest of the deliciousness.


350 calories of goodness that will supply you with carbs from the rye bread, protein from the egg and salmon and healthy fats such as omega 3s from the avocado and salmon.
All round perfection.

I do honestly believe I could eat this everyday.
If you follow me on Instagram (@debbieariella) you'll know that I nearly do.

What's your idea of a perfect breakfast? Let me know down below!


Wednesday 20 January 2016

Food for Thought

I came back from my Cuba adventures feeling the most jetlagged I had in a while with 3 report deadlines looming over me and as if things couldn’t get worse I stepped on the scales, rookie mistake – how had I gained 3kg in less than 2 weeks?!
Well… it probably had something to do with all those hotel breakfast buffets (did I mention the donut station?!), afternoon ice creams and constant flow of Cuban rum.
So I did what most people are doing this time of year – I got back on track.
 Eating proper balanced meals, not snacking constantly (though I wish I was) and staying away from alcohol (at least on 5 out of 7 days of the week).

But then I came across this post on Instagram and it got me thinking:  

By wishing away those 2-5kg, are we wishing away our life?

Will all the snacks I am missing out on now really be worth that slightly smaller number on the scales? Will I really be HAPPIER with a body that’s a bit more toned up, but not full of chocolate and pizza?

I don’t know.
Just a little food for thought, this week.
Let me know what YOU think, should we just stop wishing away those few kilos?

Stay happy & healthy you lovely lot

Sunday 10 January 2016

My Cuba Travels in Pictures

Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach
Rum at Varadero Beach
Varadero Beach
Sunset Varadero Beach

On our way to Trinidad 
Hotel National, Havana
Hotel National Garden, Havana 
Foodporn in Havana


If you want to see more than of my travels in Cuba feel free to check out my first travel vlog!

Stay happy & healthy 

Friday 1 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions 2015

Hello lovelies,
It's that time of year again - when we are supposed to set goals for the next year and then give up on them a few weeks into the new year.... but not this year.

I have mixed feelings about new year's resolutions.

On one hand, I think they are fantastic - we should always be setting goals, and why not do it at the end of the calendar year - it seems natural.

On the other hand, we shouldn't have to wait a WHOLE YEAR before setting goals for ourselves. We should be able to set long term goals, medium term goals and short term goals which might even be on a daily or weekly basis.

Then there's the other thing about new year's resolutions that everyone thinks you'll just give up. Or it's the norm to stick to your goals for a few weeks and then give up until the next year comes along. This kind of thinking creates such negativity around the subject of new years resolutions.

I don't always set new years resolutions but I like making promises to myself. My whole fitness journey actually started as a new years resolutions in 2013 and look at me now, still going strong! January 2015 I started this blog and promised myself I wouldn't give up on it after a few months and here we are 82 blog posts & one year later and I've only missed a few weeks here and there.

And for 2016?
 I want to keep this blog up and running
Not give up on my Youtube channel even though it's hard!!
Finish my university business degree as best as I can
Move to London for my Master's in Marketing
Run more
Go travelling in the summer again
Make time for the gym at least 3/4 times a week
Be less self critical
Read more

What are your promises to yourself for 2016?