Friday 21 October 2016

1 year on youtube

Time flies!
I can't believe I uploaded my first youtube video a year ago. I had played with the idea of creating a youtube channel for so long before I actually found the courage to just do it. Looking back at this video is sooo cringe for me. But hey, gotta start somewhere, right? It was a what's in my gym bag video. Have you seen it?

Since this first video I have uploaded another 40 videos - WHAT?! That seems like such a big number to me. Which is weird because I still feel like a total beginner when I think about youtube. Among these 40 videos I have a few favourites that I thought I would talk about in this blog post.


This video was hilarious to film. I'm pretty sure it was a Sunday and we were bored so I suggested filming a challenge video & this is what came out of it. It was sooo funny & I think it turned out pretty good too. 


This was such a good day! Eating & exploring our way through London. It was also my first 'vlog' kind of video, which I really really enjoy making, but I still don't feel so confident talking to a camera in public hahah & my editing skills are not AMAZING. Baby steps.


This video was hilarious! I was visiting one of my besties in Glasgow and she wanted to film a video together because she is actually one of the people who told me so many times that I should just START my youtube channel & stop talking about it. So thank you Susanne! If you stalk my youtube channel enough you'll see Susanne in quite a few other videos too.


This is a really short video, but it's kinda different which is why I liked creating it. Plus the recipe is still one of my favourite green smoothie recipes. So if you haven't been brave enough to try a green smoothie - THIS IS THE ONE. I promise.


Probably my favourite workout video on my channel. Probably because I like to train legs & glutes. I still do most of these exercises during a leg day session and they burnnnn.


I had to add this video too, mainly cause I miss these two so much! And I could do with some really good greek food, right about now. This video just makes me smileeee. I hope you like it too.

and last but not least

Can you tell I like to travel? This video makes me want to drop everything & just goooo. It was such an amazing trip with some of my favourite people!

And those were some of my favourite videos I have created during my first year on youtube. I wonder what the next year will bring.
What's been your favourite video on my channel?
Have you seen them all?


Tuesday 4 October 2016

My top 10 Flybery bits for an awesome workout

Hello lovelies,
We all love shopping online, and most of MY online shopping consists of workout clothes.... SURPRISE SURPRISE
This week I thought I would show you some of my favourite bits from FlyBery.
Beware I LOVE all things white/black/grey but I have tried to throw some colour in here and there so that you don't get too bored!

Let's start with the boobie holders aka sports bras.
I have said this before and will say it again if you don't own a Lorna Jane sports bra, you are missing out! They are the Victoria's Secret of sports bras and for all of us #TeamNoBoobs they are a must.
They are pricey but invest in ONE and you will love it, I promise. Here are two I've been eyeing for a while.
Lorna Jane Night Ryder

Lorna Jane Reactive

Next lets talk about SHOES. I am not that obsessed with shoes like some other girls out there and would actually rather spend all my money on leggings, but we will get there in a second.
In terms of trainers, I love bright colour. Whether it's a bright red Pure Boost X by adidas or a neon Nike Dual Fusion. Other than colour the most important things for me is that the shoe is light weight and makes me feel like I am running on clouds.

Nike Neon Dual Fusion 

Leggings are my faves. And I truly wish they didn't cost so much (the struggle is real). When it comes to leggings I love mine high waisted, full length and a thicker material. There is no use in wearing leggings that will go see through when you are squatting. Plus I love the support of a high waist and full length leg. I usually go for grey/black and mesh is always welcome too, just like the LilyBod Zoe leggings in runway black.
Little Pro Tip if you don't own grey leggings invest in a pair they will make your bum look incredible - trust me. Here are some of my current obsessions, the Nike Legendary leggings are probably one of my all time favourites - so much support!

LilyBod Zoe

Nike Power Legendary 

And finally, my "least" favourite are the tops. I think the reason I'm not so interested in tank tops or workout tops in general is because they usually cover up my cute sports bra I have invested in, haha. So when it comes to workout tops I like mine white/ light grey with a cut out back or side so that I can show off my cute sports bra, because otherwise - What is the point? Just like this white Ivy Park vest or the classic Nike performance vest which is one of my staples.

Ivy Park Sports Shirt

So those were some of my faves.
What are yours?