Sunday 20 November 2016

3 gyms you need to try in London

As I've mentioned before on youtube or on my instragm I am currently loving classpass as it lets me discover loads of gyms scattered all across London.

So I thought I would tell you about my current top 3!

Core Collective, Kensington
Core Collective is a gym located in Kensington that offer six different classes, including spinning, power yoga, TRX, stretching, pilates & a high intensity interval class. But the one I am obsessed with is their Velocity class. It's a high intensity, athletic interval training class, that will make you feel like you are very unfit. The class is held in a big room that is filled with all the gym equipment your little fit girl (guy) heart desires. The trainer will then set up a 8 station circuit, which is different every time. This is what I LOVE about this class. You have no idea what exercises you will be doing. It might be all leg exercises, it might be really cardio heavy, technic heavy etc. Then you do a warm up followed by the circuit, an ab circuit and then the main circuit again before you are lying on the floor in your own sweat while you stretch. It's a real killer.
Note to self, I should probably try their other classes too.

1Rebel, St. Marys Axe
1Rebel, the king of gyms, had to be on my favourites list of course. They have two locations & three different classes. Ride, Reshape & Rumble. Essentially a spinning class, a high intensity treadmill & weights class and a boxing class. My favourite of the three is Rumble, the boxing class. The class is in a round room that is filled with boxing bags hanging from the ceiling. The lights are low and the music is loud, so there is no way you won't be hitting that bag hard. Through out the class you are switching between boxing on the bag and doing body weight exercises on the floor. I like the fact that you switch between bag & floor quite a lot so you don't really get bored of one or the other. Plus the atmosphere is amazing. Once you are out of the class you can take your time in the gorgeous changing rooms that offer chilled towels & most of the cosmetics you can think of.

Boom Cycle, Holborn 
Last but not least is Boom Cycle. Boom Cycle has two locations, one in Holborn and one in Shoreditch. It's a spinning studio that feels more like a party. The lights are low (like there is one candle at the front of the class) and the music is always on point. This class is more about you and how hard you want to push yourself. The trainers are inspiring and can get anyone motivated. Even if you're not a fan of cardio or spinning, I think you'll love this one.

What are you favourite classes in London?
Let me know, down below!