Wednesday 10 June 2015

Is it really Healthy?

Hello lovelies,
I want to talk about something a little different today and hope that it will trigger something in you and make you think a little.

Very often when I google a healthy recipe or read through recipes that are shared on loads of health & fitness blogs there is one very particular ingredient that I find always comes up: PROTEIN POWDER.

Replace the flour with protein powder in any baked goods and tadaaa it’s HEALTHY! Or instead of it being a brownie it’s now a PROTEIN brownie which means it must be healthy right?

I mean of course replacing the flour with protein powder means it’s lower in carbs and higher in protein, but that is not what defines whether a food is healthy or not.
Is this chemical powder really HEALTHIER for you than natural flour? I think protein has become such a buzz word in the health & fitness industry but one needs to be careful and think about whether some of these things REALLY are better for you than natural foods.

As you may know I don’t bake with protein powder and I don’t use protein powder to healthy-fy the recipes I create for myself & you guys. I try to use natural products because in the end I believe that the natural products will always be better for you than a flavoured powder, even if that means my brownies are not super high in protein & super low in carbs.

Having said that I don’t think protein powder is evil and should be avoided. I also drink a protein shake after my workout from time to time. I understand the concept of protein powder and I do think it makes sense to use it if you are trying to BUILD muscle and you drink a shake after a heavy lifting session to aid in rebuilding your torn muscles. BUT I don’t think it has a place in a healthy dessert or breakfast pancakes. (Check out my Protein Pancakes without Protein Powder Recipe here).

Finally, it tastes bad. I used to try to make protein pancakes with protein powder because that’s what all the fitness & health blogs were writing about – so I had to try it right?
But man, I can taste that chemical flavouring and I don’t think it tastes good at all. Am I the only one who feels this way?
Let me know in the comments below what YOU think about this topic! I would love to hear your opinion, not matter what it is.


  1. Hi, very nice article. I'm on the same page with you, I'm not strictly against, understand that it's good in many waves but also think that natural products are much more better for us than the chemical one. It's true that I've never tried a protein shake or something but I just do think that I can eat drinks many different things. And you made me happy that there is still somebody who's in not crazy about protein, thanks :)

    1. Thank you Andrea! Glad I could make you happy :) thanks for reading my blog & taking time to share your opinion! That makes me happy too xx