Wednesday 20 January 2016

Food for Thought

I came back from my Cuba adventures feeling the most jetlagged I had in a while with 3 report deadlines looming over me and as if things couldn’t get worse I stepped on the scales, rookie mistake – how had I gained 3kg in less than 2 weeks?!
Well… it probably had something to do with all those hotel breakfast buffets (did I mention the donut station?!), afternoon ice creams and constant flow of Cuban rum.
So I did what most people are doing this time of year – I got back on track.
 Eating proper balanced meals, not snacking constantly (though I wish I was) and staying away from alcohol (at least on 5 out of 7 days of the week).

But then I came across this post on Instagram and it got me thinking:  

By wishing away those 2-5kg, are we wishing away our life?

Will all the snacks I am missing out on now really be worth that slightly smaller number on the scales? Will I really be HAPPIER with a body that’s a bit more toned up, but not full of chocolate and pizza?

I don’t know.
Just a little food for thought, this week.
Let me know what YOU think, should we just stop wishing away those few kilos?

Stay happy & healthy you lovely lot

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  1. These sentences seriously hit the right spot. Sometimes we fret over small issues like weight and overeating forgettinmg to enjoy those moments with oyur loved ones.