Wednesday 11 March 2015

Healthy Vanilla Raspberry Cheesecake

Hello lovelies,
Today I have another healthy recipe for you; it’s cheese cake! The recipe is made up of two parts, the crust and the filling. To be honest I feel like I nailed the filling but the crust could be crunchier. I will try to work on that for you ;) but in the meantime here is my first attempt vanilla and raspberry cheesecake recipe.

All you will need
200g Cashews (could use a different nut if you would like)
11 dates
100g light cream cheese
500g of Non-Fat Quark (Curd cheese)
1 vanilla bean
100g frozen raspberries
3 tbsp agave sweetener (or any sweetener you like to use)
2 page of Agar Agar or Gelatin

In a food processor blend together the nuts and dates. Make sure to remove the pits from the dates. This should create a sticky, sweet dough.

Line the bottom of your cake tin with the dough evenly. I would use grease proof paper in between to make it easier to remove later. Then pop it in the fridge while you make your filling.

For the filling mix together the light cream cheese and the quark with a hand mixer.
Add the vanilla, raspberries and sweetener.

Mix it well and then add in the agar agar/gelatin. Make sure you taste test it and add more sweetener if you would like.

Bring the cake tin with the crust out from the fridge and pop the cream on top. Try to make it even and then put it back in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

Then enjoy your guilt free cheese cake!

Here are the macronutrients for the healthy cheese cake compared to the macronutrients of a classic cheese cake. The numbers are for the whole cake, which means a slice would be divided by 12 or more.

Classic Cheese Cake Macros:                                                      Healthy Cheese Cake Macros:
Calories: 3680                                                                                    Calories: 1993
Fat: 232g                                                                                              Fat: 101g
Carbs: 344g                                                                                         Carbs: 174g
Protein: 64g                                                                                        Protein: 95g

Let me know what you think! Looking forward to seeing your creations, make sure to use the #debbieariella hashtag so I can find them.