Sunday 25 January 2015

Screw the Scales

Hello Lovelies,
Today I want to write about something I really believe in, which is ignoring that number on the scales. I used to be very fixated to the number on the scales and I would do anything to make it go down even just a little, but for what? Just because the smaller number will mean I feel better about myself?! Writing it down now really makes me understand how crazy that is.
Really my fitness journey was kicked off by seeing that number. After I had been at university for a few months without scales I came home stood on the scales and saw the biggest number I had ever seen on the scales, which made me re-think everything and eventually start my fitness journey. After a few months I had lost 7kg even though I was in no way overweight when I started. Then I started lifting weights, gaining muscles and ignoring the stupid scales. Today I weigh more than I did when I saw “the biggest number ever”. But I am way healthier, way stronger, way leaner. I can run a lot faster, I can lift a lot more and I am happier.
So if I ignore the scales how do I measure my fitness success? PICTURES! Taking progress pictures is the best advice I can give anyone wanted to change their bodies. Also taking a good “before” picture is essential, your future-fitter self will thank you for it! I take progress pictures probably every day, nearly. Because you will not realize all the little changes that are going on in your body day after day, but if you document it with great progress pictures you can look back on a bad day and see how far you have actually already come, even if the scales has not moved much.

The picture below is my progress picture so far. And as you can see I weigh more than I did two years ago when I decided to change my life for the better. So what? I am happier.
Please share YOUR progress picture with me on Instagram using the hashtag #debsterariella and of course don’t forget #ScrewTheScales


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