Saturday 1 April 2017


Hello lovelies,
I know it's been nearly 2 months since I last posted a blog post on here, sorrryyyy.
Actually thinking back to when I wrote that last blog post feels a little weird and so so long ago.
I thought I would do a little quarter year update & reflection blog post because life has been one big rollercoaster ride for me the past 3 months. Things have changed so much since 1st of January 2017 when I was getting drunk with some of my best friends at a house party in south London.

The year started slow with a few hangovers with my travel buddies from Sri Lanka in town, followed by some exam studying days with the squad fuelled by REALLY good smashed avocado at Jimmy & the Bee (look it up!). We got through our exams, even the accounting one & rushed straight to the airport for a long weekend in gorgeous Copenhagen. It was the first little trip away with my London-Masters-Besties-Squad. We ate a lot of brunch, walked too much for Ashley's liking & lost and found Elyssa's phone all in one night.

Back in London I started to get into a routine of studying, working out & socialising until a text message broke my heart and threw everything off track. The weeks that followed were probably some of the hardest I've had in years. I lost my appetite & motivation, but gained so much too. It made me realise I had found incredible friends in London, who were willing to book last minute flights with me, cook for me, cry in bars with me, spend hours on the phone with me and pretend that nothing had happened with me.

And from there, the weeks that followed have easily become some of the best. I was able to celebrate my 23rd birthday with so many amazing people around me. I've been out dancing until the early morning. Eaten too many brunches (the limit does not exist). Discovered new corners of London. Had quiet nights in while playing the game of Whats-the-best-pickup-line-you-can-think-of. Enjoyed after work drinks without having to work (yet). I've had some awesome people walking into my life, and disappear again, while others have stuck around for now. And while I was doing all of that I've also finished the second term of my masters - 2 down, 1 to go!

It's been a busy 3 months, but I've loved every second of it even the really really shitty ones.
And now? Now I'm off to Oman for a few weeks with the family to do nothing, relax & get a tan before I hit the rush of London again. 

And what have you been up to?


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  1. Seems like your life has been really happening since your last blog. plus youve travelled alot! your photos look so good too! thank you for sharing this with us!