Sunday 22 November 2015

Raw Vegan Adventure in London - Tanya's Cafe

Hello lovelies,
Last weekend my friend Angela and I headed into London to escape our looming deadline for a few hours and pretend that are lives are not revolving around group presentations, research reports & university/job applications.

I had just finished my vegan week and Angela had been playing with the idea of trying one as well so we thought we could try a raw vegan restaurant in Chelsea called Tanya’s Cafe. I had read about Tanya’s a few times before but neither of us had every tried raw food before so we thought it was about time to give it a try.

Raw vegan basically means there’s no meat, fish, dairy or eggs and nothing has been cooked above 48 degrees.
Tanya’s is a really cute cafĂ© that has a chic greenhouse vibe. There are load of plants and exciting light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with little inspirational messages popped here and there.

We started off with a juice each mine was called Doctor and was beetroot based which meant it was a gorgeous colour. Angela went for a green juice called Sugarfree Fix.
Before we had completely decided what to have as our mains we started off by snacking on some ‘While you wait’ starter. We went for cheesy kale chips & brochette with aubergine caviar.

I don’t really like kale but these kale chips were so so good. Super crunchy and actually really cheesy tasting for the fact that no cheese was involved.

The aubergine caviar was served on delicious nutty bread. Both of these starters were absolute winners.

For our mains I decided to go for the tacos and Angela chose the beetroot risotto.
The tacos were served with walnut oyster mushroom meat, which I didn’t really know what to expect but it tasted really good. All the flavours were really vibrant and of course my tacos were accompanied by guac.
Angela’s beetroot risotto was an amazing bright pink colour and had little pieces of feta cheese that was made from macadamia nuts.

We were pretty full after all this food but we were determined to try dessert too! All throughout our meal we kept eye other table’s dessert as they were receiving it, and it all looked so good.

For the dessert we got to have a look into their dessert fridge and choose a few bits.
We ended up going for the blueberry cheesecake and the red velvet cake.

Both we’re yummy, but I think we both agree that the blueberry cheesecake was the absolute winner.

We were both amazed by how tasty the meals were, even though they were vegan and raw. Honestly, I was worried the meals would just taste a little too healthy, but we were oh so wrong.
All the foods were bursting with flavours and I can only recommend giving it a try even if you’re not vegan!

Stay happy & health lovelies

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  1. looks like a great place ! I am so into vegan or vegetarian places anyway :)