Sunday 12 April 2015

Butt Burning Workout

Hey there lovelies,
I thought it was about time for another workout post so here it is. It’s a butt burning workout that you don’t need any equipment for at all. You can do this workout at home or at the gym, which ever suits you best – and I am sure you will be able to feel the burn. The workout consists of 6 different moves each of which you will do for 15 repetitions for each leg of course – we have two after all.

15 x Jump Sumo Squats!
These are like normal jump squats but you stand with your legs a bit further apart which shifts more focus to your glute muscles (the butt).

15 x Kick Backs (Each leg)
For these you want to make sure you squeeze your butt when your leg is up and you do not want to put your leg down on the ground in between reps – keep the intensity high!

15 x Side Leg Lifts (Each leg)
Keep your leg in an L-shape and lift your leg up to the side (Yes kinda like a dog peeing). You might look funny but I promise you, you feel this one in the booty. Again don’t let your leg rest on the ground in between reps.

15 x Hip Raises
This is one of my ultimate favourite exercises. Push your hips up, squeeze your butt when you’re at the top and slowly move your hips down – but don’t touch the ground between reps.

15 x Bulgarian Split Squats (Each leg)
Use a chair, bench, sofa, big rock(?) or anything that you can comfortably rest your back legs on and then squat down with your front leg – make sure the movement is controlled.

30 x Jump Lunges #SorryNotSorry
This is exactly what it sounds like – you jump from one lunge into the other. This might be a bit tricky for beginners but you really do get a hang of it quite quickly. Try your best – and they really are killer.

And now do it all again!
I would recommend for you to repeat the circuit 3 times which should take you roughly 20 minutes.
Let me know what you think of this workout.
And enjoy the burn!

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