Friday, 21 October 2016

1 year on youtube

Time flies!
I can't believe I uploaded my first youtube video a year ago. I had played with the idea of creating a youtube channel for so long before I actually found the courage to just do it. Looking back at this video is sooo cringe for me. But hey, gotta start somewhere, right? It was a what's in my gym bag video. Have you seen it?

Since this first video I have uploaded another 40 videos - WHAT?! That seems like such a big number to me. Which is weird because I still feel like a total beginner when I think about youtube. Among these 40 videos I have a few favourites that I thought I would talk about in this blog post.


This video was hilarious to film. I'm pretty sure it was a Sunday and we were bored so I suggested filming a challenge video & this is what came out of it. It was sooo funny & I think it turned out pretty good too. 


This was such a good day! Eating & exploring our way through London. It was also my first 'vlog' kind of video, which I really really enjoy making, but I still don't feel so confident talking to a camera in public hahah & my editing skills are not AMAZING. Baby steps.


This video was hilarious! I was visiting one of my besties in Glasgow and she wanted to film a video together because she is actually one of the people who told me so many times that I should just START my youtube channel & stop talking about it. So thank you Susanne! If you stalk my youtube channel enough you'll see Susanne in quite a few other videos too.


This is a really short video, but it's kinda different which is why I liked creating it. Plus the recipe is still one of my favourite green smoothie recipes. So if you haven't been brave enough to try a green smoothie - THIS IS THE ONE. I promise.


Probably my favourite workout video on my channel. Probably because I like to train legs & glutes. I still do most of these exercises during a leg day session and they burnnnn.


I had to add this video too, mainly cause I miss these two so much! And I could do with some really good greek food, right about now. This video just makes me smileeee. I hope you like it too.

and last but not least

Can you tell I like to travel? This video makes me want to drop everything & just goooo. It was such an amazing trip with some of my favourite people!

And those were some of my favourite videos I have created during my first year on youtube. I wonder what the next year will bring.
What's been your favourite video on my channel?
Have you seen them all?



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