Saturday 26 March 2016

My weekly gym schedule

Hello lovelies,
this week I thought I would write about my gym schedule!
I often get asked on my Instagram (@debbieariella) how many times a week I workout, what exercises I do for my legs or arms etc so I thought I would try to summarise everything in this blog post.

I workout between 4 to 6 days a week, but I have 5 different gym days that I try to incorporate into my week. So I thought I would tell you about each of these days, and what kinds of exercises I do for each. My two top tips for the gym are SUPERSETS and MIXING THINGS UP!
This means I don't do exactly the same exercises each week, because it keeps it interesting for my mind and it challenges my body. So I do NOT do all of the exercises I mention below for each day, but I probably do between 5 and 8 different exercises on each day, depending on the muscle group.

At the beginning of each session I will do 10-15min cardio warm up on which ever cardio machine I am feeling that day.

Day 1: LEGDAY 
- Squats
- Walking lunges
- Step ups onto a box
- Adductors and abductors
- Hip thrusts
- Kick backs
- Leg curl
- Leg extension
- Bulgarian split squats (BEST)
- Swiss ball hamstring curl (youtube it)

Day 2: Chest & Triceps
- Bench press (fave)
- Tricep dips
- Dumbbell press
- Dumbbell flies
- Cable flies
- Tricep cable pull downs
- Skull crushes
- Push ups

Day 3: Back & Biceps
- Deadlifts
- Barbell rows
- Pull ups
- Lat pull downs
- Cable rows
- One arm dumbbell row
- Cable reverse fly
- Dumbbell bicep curls

Day 4: Shoulders & Abs
- Shoulder press
- Front raises
- Cable pull ups
- Barbell press
- Dumbbell side raises
- Crunches
- Leg raises
- Weighted sit ups
- Plank
- Side touches
- Weighted Russian twists

Day 5: Cardio (fun.)
- 45min of whatever cardio machine I can bear!
(I usually switch between 2 or 3 within the 45min)

And that's what a week at the gym looks like for me! Again I mentioned that I love adding supersets to my workouts, which means I am alternating between two different exercises without a break. This makes my heart rate stays higher and its just over all more time efficient. An example would be doing 1 set of squats directly followed by 1 set of walking lunges, then a little break and then back to the squats and lunges again. If you've never done supersets before, it's my top tips!

Are there any of your favourite exercises that I am missing?!
Let me know down below!

PS. Want to see what I eat as well?


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