Saturday 27 February 2016

15 Minute Healthy Dinner: Salmon with veggies & brown rice

Hello you lovely bunch,

I want to try to create more recipe blog posts for you.
However, as you may know from my instagram or youtube videos I like to eat really simple, healthy and super easy to make meals. And because of that I always feel a bit silly calling these super simple meals ‘recipes’ because there is not much skill involved.

But then I thought it could still be useful to some of you as a little meal inspiration.
So here goes my first in hopeful a series of ‘recipe’ blog posts:

Salmon with veggies & brown rice

All you will need:
1 Salmon fillet
Brown rice (I use microwave rice because its soooo easy)
Your choice of veggies
Some spices and maybe some lime juice

First off pop the salmon in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for roughly 15-17 minutes.
It’s basically the perfect time for you to prepare everything else, once you are done with all the other steps the salmon will be cooked!

Then chop up all your veggies, I used tomatoes, garlic, zucchini and baby spinach.

Once you have chopped everything up – pop the microwave rice in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Heat up some cooking oil in a pan (I use coconut oil).
Add you garlic first and your spinach last.

Once the rice is done your veggies will be starting to soften in the pan. At this point you can add the rice into the veggies (I use half the rice package).

Then you can add some spices, I like to add some chilli flakes and lime juice if I have it available. But you can add whatever you prefer.

Then mix it all together; pop it on a plate and your salmon should be done too!
Super simple & healthy meal in less than 15 minutes – BOOOM.

It really doesn’t need to take a long time to cook healthy meals.
Let me know if you like the idea of having a few of these easy 15-minute dinner recipes available on my blog!

Stay happy & healthy lovelies,


  1. Yummmmm! Are zucchini nice? I originally thought it was cucumber. This looks to good and simple not to do!

    1. I loveee zucchini! It fits so well with some many dishes! Thanks for reading girl xx

  2. I really like your blog and all of your articles, I think it is great that youre both thinking about this! Great can brows our healthy meals