Sunday 20 December 2015

You don't need a gym to stay fit this holiday season

Hello lovelies,
Where has the time gone?!
Half of my last year of my undergraduate degree is already over!! WHAT?
I can’t believe Christmas & 2016 is right around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but for me a routine is so important to help me stay on track. And let’s be honest, this time of year the routine has been thrown out of the window weeks ago.
A lot of us are going back home for the holidays, or going on holiday somewhere, which means we don’t have our normal healthy lifestyle routines heck; we might not even have access to a gym.
For me I’m heading to London over Christmas (no gym membership for me) and then to CUBAAAA over new years (probably small hotel gym). So I know I won’t be able to stick to my normal gym routine. Which is why I wanted to concentrate on home workouts / outdoor workouts this week.
Because it can be so so easy!

I filmed a small outdoor workout Youtube video this week that I think anyone can do.

Sometimes we just need to remember to use what we have available around us.
Like a chair, park bench, water bottle or even just the floor!

This blog post and video isn’t just for you guys, I see it as a reminder to myself too. YOU DON’T NEED A GYM TO STAY FIT!

No gym, no problem!

Stay happy & healthy lovelies

And tell me all about your holiday plans below! Where are you spending Christmas & new years?