Sunday 13 December 2015

Late Night Sushi - London Adventures

Hello lovelies,
It’s time for another London food adventures blog post.

After loads of university deadlines and some family matters it’s needless to say the last few weeks have been stressful, which is why I’ve escaped into London for a mini break just before my autumn term of university comes to an end.

And what better way to start my London mini break than with a late night sushi & cocktails session at the amazing Sushisamba restaurant.

Sushisama is located on the 38th floor in heron tower, which obviously means there is a spectacular view of London to enjoy alongside your food fest. I made the reservations more than a week ago but we could still only get a table for 9.45pm so tip number 1: book a FEW weeks in advance if you want to choose at what time to have dinner.

After having had a snack at 5pm to make sure we we’re starving by 10pm we made our way to Liverpool street and straight into the lift & up to the 38th floor. The lift itself already has an amazing view to offer as you rise above all the building around you until London looks more like a picture than the city you were standing amongst a few second ago.

Once we got up to the restaurant the atmosphere was buzzing. Cute lights were hanging from the ceiling and people were chatting away while the view of London lingered around them. We were lucky to get a table nearly one of the windows so we can first row seats to the outstanding view.

The menu at Sushisamba is a fusion menu between Japanese, Brazilian & Peruvian cuisine. The waiters and waitresses were all really attentive and helpful and explained to us that the concept at Sushisamba is a bit like Spanish tapas – all the orders will come at the same time and will be shared.

The menu had loads to offer from sushi to Japanese and Peruvian grill. But we were really craving sushi so we just went for 4 sushi dish, the Samba London, Tiger Maki and the tuna & salmon nigiri. All of which was delicious but I think our favourite were the Tiger Maki rolls.

They also had loads of creative cocktails that all sounded fantastic. For our first round we tried the Nashi Martini and the Nina Fresa – both of which were so so good! For my second cocktail I had the Lychee cooler, which was not such a winner.

After two hours of sushi and cocktails we took the lift back down to reality.

Amazing view, delicious food & good cocktails – but high prices.
Have you been?

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Stay happy & healthy!

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