Sunday 4 October 2015

There are no BAD foods

Cut it out of your vocabulary and your mind-set.
Foods are not GOOD or BAD.
Food is energy, and every kind of food provides you with energy.
The only difference is that there are foods that are DENSER in nutrients and can therefore provide you with energy for longer or in a faster more efficient way.

When people decided that they want to start eating healthier or lose a bit of weight, I often hear that their plan is to cut out the BAD foods – usually carbs, let’s be honest.
But there is nothing healthy about this kind of thinking.
Firstly, thinking of foods, as GOOD or BAD will lead to more problems than solutions in the long run. You might not think it’s a problem at first but once it is – it’s too late. The amount of people (usually girls) who have a horrible relationship with food is so shocking; so don’t go down that path. 
Secondly, cutting out whole food groups is a stupid idea. If you really cut out a specific food group like dairy or gluten carbs for 6-8 weeks your body will adapt, meaning you might become intolerant of these products. So if you really enjoy pasta don’t cut it out for months because once you FINALLY have it again, you might feel horrible because your body isn’t use to it. TADA you have made your body intolerant to one of your favourite foods. 
That doesn’t sound like fun – right?!

Having said all of that of course it’s okay to be aware that some foods will provide you with fewer nutrients than others. And it’s also okay to moderate your consumption of some products to get in shape or lose some weight.
But don’t be silly about it.


Stay healthy & happy


  1. Great Message. I agree, labeling foods as good or bad creates unhealthy relationships with food.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the comment! Exactly! An unhealthy relationship with food is horrible.. And unnecessary. Hope you have a fantastic day xxx

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