Sunday 26 July 2015

Switch up your Cardio Routine

Hello lovelies,
We all know how boring and tedious steady state cardio can be but somehow it still needs to get done.
Next time you drag yourself to the gym to do a boring 30min steady state cardio session try switching up.

The main issue with steady state cardio is that it’s boring because you are doing the same thing for such a long time. So why not do different things.
Depending on how many different cardio machines are available in your gym, split your cardio time by the amount of machines you have available.

For example in my gym we have; cross trainer, treadmill, stair master, bike & rowing machines. So instead of running for 30mins or doing the cross trainer for 30min, I will do every machines for 6min only. Anyone can get through 6mins of cardio - it’s not that long!

I have started doing this for my cardio sessions and it’s so much more fun plus time seems to fly by because I am switching machines all the time.
I also think it’s great for your body, because you are doing different movements instead of just the same few movements over and over again.

So next time you are going to do that steady state cardio session, switch it up!
What are you tips for making cardio more fun?
Let me know below!
Stay healthy & happy

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