Sunday 5 July 2015

Swedish Health Food Haul

Hey there lovelies,
I am currently visiting my family in Sweden for a few weeks so of course I had to use this opportunity and check out what the supermarkets here have to offer in terms of health food products.
And yes I may have gone a little crazy and bought just a touch too much. But hey you need to try everything once, right?
That’s what I kept telling myself as I was putting more and more random ‘health’ foods into my shopping cart. From low carb pasta to pre-workout drinks I grabbed everything that sounded remotely interesting to me, and to be honest I was a little overwhelmed with how much exists here. Coming from Switzerland where they are JUST starting to sell almond milk in normal supermarkets this was a whole new world. My mum even suggested I should move here just so I could eat all these things on a regular basis, but I’m not too sure what things would look like if protein ice cream was available to me on a daily basis.
So let me show you all the goodies I found. Some of them I have already tasted others not at all yet. But if you are super curious about a specific product I can write a little review about them after I have tried them properly.

So this is all I got (on my first day here may I add):
-        Sugar free & low fat Quark
-        Celsius Vitamin Drink
-        Black Bean Pasta
-        Soya Pasta
-        Low Carb Pasta
-        NOCCO BCAA Drink
-        Frozen Mango
-        Protein Ice Cream
-        Stevia Kexbar

The first thing I knew I wanted to try was the sugar free & low fat quark. We have quark/curd cheese in Switzerland but if it’s low fat & sugar free you can only have one without flavouring while here they had loads of different flavours. I ended up going for raspberry, peach & passion fruit, chocolate & nuts. Each of them have 0,2% fat and just under 3g of sugar per 100g. I’ve tried the peach & passion fruit one before and already know it tastes delicious. Looking forward to trying the other ones.

Next I got the Celsius Vitamin Drinks. You can use these as a pre-workout or an energy kick as they have vitamins & caffeine in them. I think that’s what most people use them for. I had tried one or two of these before, but never had a whole can at once because I am quite sensitive to caffeine and just don’t need this much. Each can has 4kcal and no fat, carbs or protein just loads of vitamins & caffeine. I think I will probably still only be drinking half a can at once before a workout.

Next I was walking down the pasta aisle when I spotted something I was vaguely aware of but had never really seen before which was bean pasta. They had two different kinds soya bean pasta and black bean pasta, and as I mentioned before I just had to try, right? So I grabbed one of each, of course. As if that wasn’t enough alternative pasta products for one shopping trip I spotted something called Low Carb pasta, which was basically pasta that had added soya & pea protein in them – they landed in my shopping cart too.

As I was heading to the frozen foods part of the shop my brother showed me the NOCCO BCAA Drinks and we thought meh why not try it. It’s basically a pre-made BCAA amino acids drinks that you should drink before/during a workout. Usually one buys BCAA powder and just mixes it with water but here someone has done that for you and put it in a can. Making life simple. We got a few different flavours just because we couldn’t decide, plus he didn’t want to share with his older sister – typical.

Then I finally made it to the frozen foods part, which is where I was looking for frozen mango. Yes, in Switzerland you cannot buy frozen pieces of mango – I know it’s crazy. So I had to buy a pack here. I’m so excited to make some delicious mango bases smoothie. FINALLY.

The next thing next to the frozen fruit was ice cream, and yes I got a little distracted again. They had protein ice cream – what what? I had to get one of every flavour: chocolate, salted caramel, coconut and lime & aloe vera. I was not so keen on the aloe vera flavoured one but hey it all ties back to the main theme of this post – I just had to give it a try. I have tried the chocolate one already and I must say it tasted wayyy better than I expected – quite delicious actually.

And just before heading to the check out I got distracted one last time by the Stevia Kexbar. A chocolate & biscuit bar sweetened with stevia. I just had to try. Quite excited for this one – I must say.

And yes, don’t worry – that is all. For now. Haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this food haul, it’s a bit of a different post. But I usually like reading haul posts so I thought I would just GIVE IT A TRY myself.
Stay healthy & happy.

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