Wednesday 22 July 2015

Product Review: Fitness Noodles by FitnessGuru

Hello lovelies,
So I was just going through my cupboards looking for a snack when I found the fitness noodles by FitnessGuru. I had received them for free as part of a bigger order I had made a while ago. But as I didn’t order them they kinda just ended up in my cupboard until today. I thought I would try them and let you know what I think.
 What it says on the back of the packaging is:
“Everyone loves a good meal. But sometimes the calories can seem excessive. Maybe you are looking to lose weight, getting in shape or just maintaining. Fitness Noodles enables you to make the dishes you love without the calories you hate.”

Basically they are calorie free noodles, which sounds kinda good right? SPOILER But They don’t really taste or look like noodles in any way.

They are white-ish/see-through and they are a bit rubbery… yum. It doesn’t say on the packaging how long one should cook them for. The directions just say: “1. Drain 2. Rinse 3. Cook”, which is what I did, but they still tasted a bit rubbery. Then the portion size is tinyyy, but as I was only having them for a snack that was fine for me.
The nutrients on the back of the packaging show that they have 4 calories by 100g and then 0g fat, carbs & protein. Why would one eat sometime that doesn’t give you ANY nutritional value?! You won’t feel satisfied from 0g of fat, carbs & protein – it’s nothing, so why bother? Plus they are rubbery!

I ended up eating them with some sauce and cheese on top, but to be honest it just tastes like rubbery sauce, which isn’t too bad, but it’s really not great.
I don’t think it is worth eating a  “fake” food product that doesn’t even taste great just to ‘save’ calories.
Thumbs down from me.

I know there are other brans who also do these “calorie-free” noodles not just FitnessGuru. Have you ever tried any of them? What did you think? Is it worth adding them to a meal?

Stay happy & healthy!

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