Wednesday 8 July 2015

Nike from Head to Toe

Hello lovelies,
Today I thought I would put together a blog post that was a little different. I bought a few new pieces of Nike workout clothes that match a few of my all time favourites pieces, which made me think I should do a “Lookbook” of this outfit for you. I know lookbook posts are usually more of a fashion blogger thing but hey I have a new favourite outfit so why can’t I share it with you even if it’s not really fashion related?!

This is the complete new outfit.
A mixture of grey tones with a few highlights of neon.

The new parts of the outfit are the neon yellow sports bra as well as the grey/black workout top. The sports bra is a Classic Nike Pro Sports Bra in the colour yellow/black. And the top is called Elastika 2.0 Tank in the colour anthracite/black.

The top has a really fancy open back, which lets the neon sports bra shine through. It also has this super cute vertical band that of course says ‘Just do it’, what else?

The leggings are probably my favourite piece of workout clothing I own. I love the colour of them and they are so comfy. These are my go to leggings, if I can only bring one pair of leggings with me, it will always be these ones. The leggings are called Nike Dri Fit Epic Run Tights – longest name ever. But they truly are epic.

And last but not least my beloved Nike Frees.
I have had these for over a year and have used them nearly every day & they have been amazing. They are one of my favourite style of Nikes, they are just so comfortable and light. Plus I love the colour of them, they are a neon orange with a hint of navy blue and the Nike swoosh is neon yellow which matches the sports bra.

And that was my attempted at an outfit post – thoughts, feelings, comments?
 Here are some blooper pictures to finish of the lovely post for today.

Stay healthy & happy!


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