Wednesday 15 July 2015

Biggest Ice cream bar in Europe – Visby part 1

Hello lovelies,
As some of you may know I am currently on holiday with my family visiting Gotland, an island off the Swedish mainland. My mother is original from Gotland, which is why we are visiting this beautiful place.
I have been taking loads of pictures and am planning to put them all together in a blog post for you on the weekend.
But for now I want to tell you about something else, the biggest ice cream bar in Europe – Glass Magasinet.
Before we get into all the details there is something you need to know about Swedes, they LOVE ice cream – glass. And not only in the summer. Swedes are crazy for glass and Glass Magasinet has loads of it.
They make their own ice cream and they claim to have over 160 different flavours, to be honest I didn’t count how many they had, but they had loads.

The flavours are anything you can imagine; nutella, redbull, rainbow, daim, beer – nothing seems to crazy to be a flavour at this ice cream place. So of course we had to give it a try.

Not going to lie it was a bit overwhelming to try to choose only 1 or 2 flavours from all of these delicious sounding ones, well some more then others – who would want beer ice cream?!

I ended up going for one scoop of nutella and one scoop of cinnamon bun. They were both delicious!
My mum went for a scoop of Mojito and my dad got a scoop of lemon curd, both of which were delicious too.

And if you were wondering, yes I am eating ice cream basically everyday here – what can I say… it’s my Swedish blood!
If you could have ANY ice cream flavour, what would you pick?
Stay healthy & happy lovelies.

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