Sunday 19 July 2015

Back to the Roots - Visby Part 2

The wall surrounding Visby.
Hello lovelies,
This week I visited the island Gotland which is a Swedish island just off the mainland. Gotland is where the Swedish part of my family is from; my mum was even born in Visby the main town on Gotland.

I took a lot of pictures and thought I would just share some of the moments with you.
A little different today, enjoy!

Mamma capturing view from Norderstrand, Visby.
View from Högklint.
Up on Högklint with my baby brother.
Typical house in Visby.
View of the harbour in Visby.
Almedalen, a park in Visby right by the sea front.
The City Wall
Typical house in Visby the city of roses.
Just chilling on one of the many sheep in Visby. Gotland is the island of sheep.
Ruins in the middle of the city.

The streets of Visby.
Over the roofs of Visby.

Those typical stairs.
Perfect Sunset

The harbour by sunset
Day trip up the coast

Delicious lunch with a view.
Swedish traditional, Plankstek.
Mamma taking pictures of Noah all the way up oFårö, an island above Gotland.
Sundersand, the beach that doesn't quite feel like Sweden.
A bit of a travel blog post for a change.

I hope you like it.
Stay happy & healthy

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  1. I love your photos! The colours are so bright and clear, do you edit them at all? xo