Wednesday 3 June 2015

May Obsessions

Hello lovelies,
Another month has come to an end, goodbye May and hello June! Is it summer yet?! Because time is flying by, I thought it was about time I talk about a few things I have been obsessed with lately! Yes, it’s my May favourites.

First off is YOGA! No I’m not a yogi and beginning of May I could hardly touch my toes. I felt like I had become really tight again (though I have never been very flexible) so I thought I could just youtube a short yoga session. I started doing a few 10 minute sessions and I actually really enjoyed them. I then thought I should start doing bed-time yoga sessions – which quickly became one of my May obsessions. 10 minutes of relaxing, breathing and stretching before bed, sounds perfect right?

My next obsession this month has been STONEFRUIT! I am so happy they are finally in season. I love all stone fruit like nectarines, apricots, peaches and cherries! I’ve been enjoying them just as they are or even with some natural low-fat yogurt.
Another obsession of mine this month has been going for evening walks when it’s still warm. I love that it’s light for longer in the evening & still a little warm. I’m not going crazy fast or anything, just enjoying nature and taking a little walk around my neighborhood. But yes I currently live in Switzerland and everything is on a hill here, so I do get a little sweaty no matter where I go.

A product I have been obsessed with has been my new mascara from benefits, the Roller Lash Mascara. It is so so good. I have pretty crappy lashes, they are not particularly long or curly or dark for that matter. But this mascara really does make my lashes look good! Definitely a May Favourite.
And last but not least I have a slightly weird new obsession. Podcasts/audiobooks. Lately, I have been enjoying listening to people talk to me while I am commuting or even working out! I think it makes time pass so much quicker during my LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio sessions. Big new obsession!

What have you been enjoying in the month of May? Let me know your favourite new products or obsessions in the comments below!
Have a wonderful day & may June be our month.


  1. I've heard so many people talk about benefits mascara so I think i might have to try it sometime! x

    1. I thought about it for SO long until I finally bough it. And I honest think its great!! :) xx