Sunday 14 June 2015

Healthy Dinner Idea: Mexican Style Wraps

Hello lovelies,
Last night we had dinner outside on a summer’s night and it was wonderful. We ate Mexican style wraps. This is one of our favourite easy, healthy family meals so I thought I would share it with you – maybe one or two of your will find some inspiration in it for your next healthy dinner.

All we use is
Whole Grain wraps
Ground lean beef
Spices (we usually just used a pre-packed spice mix – not the healthiest option I know)
Vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, salad)
Avocado for a guacamole
Some crème fraiche
Grated cheese

Then we just cut up all the veg into small pieces, cook the beef with the spices and make the guac. (Here you have the recipe for myhealthy creamy guacamole). Oh and warm the wraps in the micro for a few seconds. Then we just put everything in bowls on the table and you get to create your own delicious wraps.
I think it’s a pretty perfect healthy meal.
You have your complex carbs from the whole grain wrap, your lean protein from the beef, all your vitamins from the veg and healthy fats from the guac. An all-round healthy meal! Plus every person can make their own wrap so chances are everyone can find something they like!

My ideal wrap:
First I add herb crème fraiche to my wrap and spread it all around.
Then I add some meat & guac. Layer that with some peppers & cucumber. Then I had some spicy salsa & last but not least I top it all off with cheeeese. 

I love wraps.

Oh and for dessert we had a kilo of fresh strawberries with some vanilla ice cream.
A wonderful summer dinner.

Do you like wraps?
You should try them & let me know what your perfect wrap looks like!