Wednesday 27 May 2015

London Food Adventures

Hello lovelies,
So a week and a bit ago I spent a long weekend in London and I love it! I had missed London so much, and it was just an all-round wonderful time. I met up with friends, it was sunny, I went shopping, had desperately needed catch ups and enjoyed some delicious food. Now because I don't want to bore you with too much personal talk, I thought I would share the amazing places I wined & dined at instead. A breakfast-, lunch-, juice-, cupcake- and drinks-place is what I have to offer for you in this post!

So let's start with Breakfast.
Sunday morning I met up with my good friend Alison for Breakfast in Covent Garden at this place called Le Pain Quotidien. We were both late, because that’s what happens when the tube in London goes on strike. But once we finally both got there nearly half an hour late we had a lovely little table in the SUN. I know London and sun? Crazy. It was finally time for food. The menu is filled with loads of different breakfast options, from waffles to porridge, eggs and croissants - when it comes to breakfast, this was a good breakfast menu. I ended up going for scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a side of fruit salad. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I hear the coffee is delicious too, I believe Alison can confirm. We spend a few hours eating, chatting and letting London wake up around us in the sun. It was fantastic.

Next up is Lunch.
Friday Lunch was spent with my best friend, Caro. We met in Switzerland but she now lives half way across the world in Vancouver. And because she missed this specific place we used to go to in Zurich, we just went to it in London instead. It's called Tibits by Hiltl and is located just off Regents Street in the Regent Street Food Quarter. It's a vegetarian place, and I know what you're thinking.. vegetarian really? So just salads and stuff?! NO this place has made it its mission to re-define vegetarian food and the result is delicious. I think there is a menu to order from but we always get the buffet. I mean who doesn't love a buffet? From hummus and guca, to pasta salads and spicy curries they have loads of delicious vegetarian creations and you just pile it all up on your plate and pay by weight. (For any Swiss people reading this, its soo much cheaper in London, worth it ;)) We even went back for dessert and enjoyed a delicious passion fruit cheesecake which was divine.


Next up a little Juice stop.
After walking around London shopping for hours we popped into this magical place called Kingly Court. It's a hidden food court just off Carnaby Street and when you walk in it does feel a little magical because it's so unexpected. Within this court there are loads of delicious food places but the one I was heading for was the Detox Kitchen. The Detox Kitchen in Kingly Court is just a little deli, which is perfect to just pop in and pick up a juice. Which is exactly what I did. I got a Cocao Almond drink which was delicious and perfect to keep us going for a bit longer. As we were really heading to another wonderful place further into Soho.

Next stop Cupcakes.
The place we were heading for was Hummingbird Bakery in Soho. This bakery is famous for their divine cupcakes but they also make incredible cakes and other sweet treats. We we're there on a Friday which meant I could use a thing I had read on another blog. I had read that there is a secret passcode and that if you used it you could get a second cupcake free. I told Caro about this and I am pretty sure she thought I was a little crazy but I mean it was Friday we were there I had to try right? I chose a red velvet cupcake went to the checkout and said the code 'Treat a Friend' and got a second red velvet cupcake for free!  IT WORKED. This works every Friday in any of the London Hummingbird Bakery shops - you're welcome ;) We enjoyed our delicious red velvet cupcakes on a little patch of green in London, Soho Square.

Last but not least, Drinks.
Saturday evening I was meeting my lovely friend Kirstie and her sister, Natalie for drinks. We decided to meet at Covent Garden 'early' so that we would still find a place to enjoy a drink, so we met up at 6pm. Which was way too late. It had been a sunny Saturday and people must have started day drinking at noon because all the bars and restaurants were exploding in Covent Garden. We walked around a little and were actually heading to a different place when we saw Mabel's Covent Garden with a free table in the window. The table was reserved but the time on it was an hour ago, which meant we could have it - lucky us. The cocktail menu was filled with loads of exciting drinks and we ended up going for two round because there were just too many cool sounding drinks to choose from. The first round I had a Rum Punch and the second round I had a Strawberry & Rhubarb Cosmopolitan which was delicious - highly recommended. And the whole atmosphere in this bar was fantastic even though we had just stumbled in without knowing the place at all. It's definitely one to keep in mind, Mabel's Covent Garden.

And that my lovely friends is it. I hope I didn't bore you too much, and I promise you there will be a new recipe, workout or food diary very soon. ;)
Have you ever been to London? If so comment with your favourite place to eat in London! I would love to know.


  1. so many lovely places ! thanks for sharing :)

    1. You're very welcome! Thank you for reading xx

  2. i'm dying to go back to london! everything looks amazing :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thank you! Yeah me too! Can't wait to be back again :) x