Wednesday 18 March 2015

Quinoa Spring Salad

Hello lovelies,
The sun has been shines and the temperatures are finally become a bit warmer so I thought I would share my first salad recipe with you. I like eating salads but I am definitely not a salad every day kind of girl. But on a sunny day I like having a colourful salad for lunch, like this quino salad.

All you will need:
5-6 tbsp of cook quino (white or black, which every you prefer)
Handful of baby spinach leaves
Some cherry tomatoes
Feta cheese
Red Peppers

Cut up all your ingredients. I like cutting things really small, but it’s your salad do whatever suits you. And if some of you are thinking why would you put strawberries in a salad? Because it’s delicious! Having said that if you don’t like an ingredient just leave it out or throw in something different.
I like adding a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on my salad or just eating it as it is.

Hope this gave you some salad inspiration! #saladspiration ?

What is your favourite kind of salad? Leave me a comment if you dare ;)

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