Sunday 4 January 2015

Protein Pancakes without Protein Powder

Hello Lovelies,
Today I wanted to share a healthy recipe with you. My protein pancakes without protein powder. I use to read loads of recipes for protein pancakes and they always included protein powder. Plus the ones I tried to make with protein powder always tasted a bit chemical – there I said it! So I’ve created a protein pancake recipe without protein powder.

All you will need:
1 whole egg
2 egg whites
Half a mashed banana
30g ground oats
A little sweetner of your choice 

First mash half the banana (you can use the other half of the banana as a topping for your pancakes) with the back of a fork. 

Then grind the 30g of rolled oats in a food processor until it is fine (looks nearly like flour). 

Add the ground oats into the bowl with the mashed banana and add the whole egg as well as the two egg whites. Make sure you don't throw away the egg yokes - you can add them to an omelette or scrambled eggs. 

Add a little bit of sweetner of your choice to the mixture. I like using agave syrup but you could use honey or stivia instead.

Whisk the mixture together well and heat a pan to a medium heat with coconut oil or any other cooking fat you like to use. 

Pour as much as you want in the pan, depending on how big you want to make your pancakes. I usually make 5-6 pancakes from this mixture depending on the size of the eggs and the banana of course. Wait for there to be bubble in the batter (that indicates that it is time to flip the pancake) – this can be tricky the first few times, but you get the hang of it. 

Then I like to top my pancakes with agave syrup and fresh fruit, but this is where you can get creative.

Try this recipe and let me know what you think! If you make your own pancakes use the hashtag #debsterariella so I can see your delicious creations.

Looking forward to seeing them 



  1. I started with what was in my house, bananas and eggs. I loved them, nice addition to the breakfast rotation! I am going to have to try some of these! Thanks for these great protein pancake recipes. I have never imagined you could do so much with pancakes!
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