Sunday 18 January 2015

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Hi Lovelies,

I love chocolate. Who doesn’t? I have a little quick recipe for you today which is a healthy chocolate mousse. Before I actually tried this recipe I was very suspicious – there is no way those ingredients combined can taste anything like heavenly CHOCOLATE?! But in some weird way this really works.

All you will need (for one serving):
Half a banana
Half an avocado
2 table spoons of cacao powder
Sweetener of your choice – I use agave syrup

Mash half the banana and avocado with the back of a fork.

Add the cacao powder and sweetner.

Blend with a hand mixer until smooth. At this point it looks like chocolate and it’s nearly done.

Just add some extra sweetener depending on how sweet you want it and TADAAAA you’re done. Tastes delicious served with some berries on top!

This is a recipe worth remembering in my option.

If you try this recipe please use the hashtag #debsterariella so I can see all your beautiful creations on instagram!

Looking forward to seeing them.

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  1. i was really craving for something delicious while i was working on my uk best essays and i am so glad to see your post with this absolutely amazing treat.